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Do you feel frustrated when trying to learn piano since you have never actually touched a keyboard in your life? We all know, that taking standard piano lessons online can be a pain and many students won’t see progress for years.

Also, the question arises, whether it’s possible to become a great piano player in months just by taking piano lessons online? Well yes, For those who can’t read sheet music but want to play by ear or even for those who want to start teaching others how to play the piano, Piano Lessons Online can be your only legit option!

Piano Lessons Online allows you to become an expert in playing piano/keyboard without wasting time, effort, or money. The best part is anyone at any age or any expertise level can profit from this program. It can help you to play your favorite musical style whether it’s a Ballad, Blues, Jazz, or Ragtime. Scroll down to learn more about it!

It is true that you can draw the center of attention by playing fantastic tunes perfectly. There is so much inner satisfaction after producing the tunes that you wished for after a lot of practice.

But do you know that many people take thousands of hours to reach that perfection? Many find the practicing lessons boring and not worthwhile. That’s why we came with a workaround by bringing the lessons that make Piano learning more fun, fast, and almost effortless.

How Piano Lessons Online Can Help You?

Piano lessons online program includes step-by-step learning techniques that can be implemented to learn a wide range of musical styles. 

Lessons are broken down into a series of manageable steps for ease of comprehension. A daily time commitment of 20 to 30 minutes is all it takes to see rapid progress. 

Video lectures, eBooks and audio lessons are all part of the course. With Piano Lessons Online, the goal is to make piano lessons fun and fascinating for everyone. You may check out free demo lessons by clicking here.

In total, Piano Lessons Online comes with nine eBooks, each containing piano lessons regarding different musical styles. In addition to teaching you how to play the piano in various musical styles, these eBooks are designed to provide a solid foundation that help you throughout the course.

You may follow along with the video lessons, which include more than 200 demonstrations of keyboard hand placement. In these videos, Robin Hall, an experienced pianist, demonstrates important techniques and plays through rhythms, chords, and melodies in a way that is easy for beginners to understand.

About the creator of Piano Lessons Online

Robin Hall is a well-known cartoonist and a professional pianist. He becomes famous in the art world by selling his music and artwork on a contract basis. Robin Hall has worked as a private piano instructor, helping students hone their innate creative abilities so that they could perform on a bigger stage. Hall strongly believes that learning by ear is superior to learning from sheet music.

He began selling books as his career progressed, such as “The Cartoonist’s Workbook”, which he wrote and illustrated. In order to convey concepts, he combines art, instructional text, storytelling, and humor. At this time, he recognized that he could apply similar concepts to the teaching of a piano as well. With remarkable success, he put these principles into practice and developed this online program.

What is inside Piano Lessons Online?

Piano Lessons Online is a revolutionary, fail-proof, intuitive program with 200 plus step-by-step audio and video lessons. Watch these short videos to find the six step piano learning technique.

1) Nine Interactive E-books

The Piano Lessons Online curriculum revolves around the use of interactive eBooks. You can develop and expand on the concepts you’ve learned in each eBook, which has a specific focus and logical framework.

Because of this, these lessons stand out from the crowd. The course layout and video lessons are very appealing. They’re easy to use, and the information is presented in a clear manner. A lesson on a given topic can be found quickly by skimming the books.

2) Audio and Video Lessons

There are 200 audio and video lessons included in the Piano Lessons online program. These lessons can also be accessed through interactive eBooks. You can tap on a lesson and listen to a song that illustrates what you were reading. These video piano lessons online enhance the value of the course material. There is a video of Robin Hall playing and demonstrating the skills in the eBooks.

Piano Lessons Online - A Detailed Breakdown of Ebooks

As we have mentioned above, Piano Lessons Online Program contains a total of nine Ebooks. Each e-book is about a different part of playing the piano, and they build on each other so that you can use the skills you’ve learned in the previous book. Down below we will explain these e-books in detail:

1. Party Time – Rhythm Style Piano

The first book is a basic guide to the program. It starts by explaining the main idea behind Piano Lessons Online, which says it’s important to start with chords and rhythms before learning how to compose melodies and improve sight-reading skills. This book also teaches the basics of musical notation, such as rests and rhythm. The rest of the book teaches you eleven basic chords and a total of ten popular music rhythms that you can use to play a song.

2. BLUES & Rock n Roll

In the second book, you’ll learn more blues rhythms to go along with your already-mastered chords. To begin with, the book stresses the need of practicing left-hand rhythms to the point that you can play them effortlessly. This book is much shorter than the previous one, but it still teaches five different blues rhythms and how to play a 12-bar blues in any key.

3. Chord Magic

Each and every key is covered in this book, including their inversions. In addition to this, it also includes various practice progressions to help you get the hang of the new material, as well as an “all chords memory trick.” A concept is known as the “cycle of fifths” will also be introduced to you, which is aimed to motivate you to practice all of the keys and help you better comprehend the overall structure of music.

4. Advanced Chords Made Easy

Beginning with a “magic formula” for difficult chords, this book continues to teach you how to play chords from chord symbols found in songbooks. A lesson on Beatles style and song list allow you to play the songs with the rhythms and chords you already know.

5. Ballad Style

Book Five introduces a step-by-step process for composing your own ballad-style music. Many lovely ballads are included in this book’s sheet music, which you are sure to enjoy performing. First-time students will be able to perform these full-length works as solo piano pieces since this is your only book dedicated to learning about melody. Several well-known Christmas carols have their melody lines included, but you’ll need to practice your left-hand skills by playing along with the included backing tracks.

6. All that Jazz & Blues

This book contains a lot of content so you’ll walk away with a solid foundation in jazz and the blues. First, you’ll learn how to achieve a bluesy sound by employing the blues scale and other methods. Then you’ll move on to jazz. Also, you’ll learn how to play jazz in four different keys, as well as a variety of unique practice progressions. You’ll get a thorough grounding in quartal harmony before moving on to seventh chords.

7. Advanced Blues and Fake Stride

Book Seven builds upon Book Two by introducing advanced chord knowledge and new right-hand chord riffs to the previously studied blues rhythms.. The tremolo, slides, and turnarounds will also be covered. You’ll learn about both fake and real “strides” in the book’s second half, with the distinction being the length of time your hand actually “strides.”

8. Taming the Classics

A quick review of musical notation and an introduction to key signatures, new symbols, and musical language are in order for this book, which is heavily reliant on sheet music. In addition, it provides you with a list of practice suggestions.

9. Speed Learning

There are practice “exercise” routines and memory tricks included in this ninth book, which should be employed from the beginning of the course. Key signatures, triads, sevenths, and melodic patterns, all of which are essential for the lessons in the other volumes, will be covered in this book.

Piano Lessons Online Pricing

Piano Lessons Online subscribers can now enjoy lifetime membership for a one-time price. This entitles members to access all the present resources as well the all future releases and updates. 

With this online course, you can learn piano flexibly from home covering everything with a full range of resources, tools, and community support. 

The comprehensive training material, lifetime unlimited membership, reasonable price, and 60 days money-back guarantee, makes it worth opting for. 

If you take private classes you could be paying anything from $30 to $100 per lesson. But in the case of Piano Lessons Online, if you promptly get access to the program you receive everything listed above, plus the flexibility to use whenever for $39 only.

Once you pay for the course, you’ll be able to access the contents on any computer, tablet, or smartphone you own. 

Since its inception in 2006, Piano Online Lessons content has evolved multiple times. The course is continuously being worked on by Robin Hall. In addition to the course’s value, you’ll receive all future upgrades of these piano lessons online for free.

That is a complete steal, especially considering the level of content you’ll be receiving. This program mixes fun into its lessons, keeping the user interested while learning how to play the piano!

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to their customer support via email, phone, or a support request. In case of any questions or problems, while using the interactive eBooks, you can count on receiving prompt and courteous customer service.

Follow the link below to purchase the program from the official website at a discounted price.

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