Build Your Own Home Studio!

20-Part Video Course With Practical Examples Showing How To Setup A Mini Studio In Your Home Or Office And Start Churning Out Pro Quality Videos, Podcasts & Music

What Will You Learn?

Curriculum For This Course


  • You do not need any technical skills, but it will help if you have tried to create your own videos without a studio
  • Building a studio is going to cost you money. I show you how to minimize your investment by choosing products that give you the best bang for for your buck

Course Description

Are you trying to create better videos, podcasts, screencasts, or even record your own music? Nothing gets you to the next level like having your own home studio!

In this course, I skip all the technical jargon and give you practical examples of how to plan, design, modify and profit from your own mini-studio, regardless of whether you do it at home or in your office.

Throughout this course, I will guide you step-by-step in understanding how the professionals do it, and help you pick up the most useful tips for building your own recording studio, video studio, music studio or photopgrahpy studio.

Who Is This Course For?

* YouTube marketers who want to create better “talking head” videos and get more views

​​​​​​​* Internet marketers who want to create stunning sales pitches with perfect audio and pleasant video

About The Instructor

Gobala Krishnan Digital Marketing Expert, SAAS Advisor & Startup CEO

I built my first money-making website in 2001 with no help. In the past 15 years, I have made over $396,000 selling ebooks, courses, workshops, templates, software, and platforms.

I am an expert in affiliate marketing, niche marketing, website building, WordPress, copywriting, e-commerce and SEO. I have a passion in teaching others how to start, manage and succeed with an online business.

Recently, I have also been experimenting with video production, photography, and creating online tutorials for free and via places like Udemy.
Through my company, Kash Media, we own popular marketing platforms like LinkTrackr, Shorty, Nichify and Heylo.

Here’s What I’ll Be Sharing With You Exclusively:

With this video course you will learn how to setup a mini-studio in your home or office, and start churning out pro-quality videos, podcasts & music. After this lessons you will understand the key elements of creating a home recording studio.

You are also covered by a 60 Days Money Back Guarantee 🙂

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